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Deep Theta 2.0

You can get caught up in the technicalities of this music and completely miss the point, that the music has been created to help the brain have some fun and while doing so, allow the body, mind and soul to relax, let go and commence healing.

‘Ah,  profound you may say, and profound it is, but in the best and most subtle of ways as the music reaches out to you wherever you are and in whatever you are doing, bringing you back to the purpose of the composition, that of allowing the mind to float free and just chill for a little while.

Deep Theta 2.0is a synergy for undoubted master of sound healing Steven Halpern: His use of Rhodes electronic piano with a variety of Japanese Shakuhachi and Indian bansuri bamboo flutes, has created something special which will appeal to a wide variety of listeners, for a wide and diverse range of reasons; one of which would have to be the subliminal feeling of relaxation triggered by the music.

 The bamboo flutes have long been used in the practice of and to aid meditation and when coupled with the pure notes of the Rhodes Electronic piano give that something extra to a genre which is endowed with various forms of relaxation, healing and meditative music.

Halpern has been working in this field of sound healing for more than 40 years and says his Brainwave Entertainment Series is his most up-to-date manifestation of his work.  He says, “It’s more than music. It’s Spiritual technology.” and I would have to agree.

PublisherSteven Halpern