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Seven tracks of pure bliss have been created by Deva Premal, along with her long-time partner Miten, in this spiritual collection of chants that wash the spirit and soul offering peace, calmness and immense love.

Seven Chakra Gayatri Mantra begins the bliss filled journey, a piece which is an original composition of Deva’s composed more than twenty years ago, only now having its debut – the intent of the piece is ‘an invocation to illuminate the seven chakras, blessing the seven realms – from the earth plane to the aboded of supreme truth’ a perfect way to commence this journey. As a final piece it is offered as the last track as a Prabhu Mix – the God mix, a fitting conclusion to an album of worship.

Joined on this work by long-time partner Miten on vocals, Manose on bansuri, vocals and a range of percussive instruments, Joby Baker on piano, keyboard, vocals, guitar and percussion. Anoushka Shankar joins with sitar on two of the pieces, once again bringing together a range of eastern talent to complement Deva’s relaxed and evocative style of chanting.

Deva and Miten have led the resurgence of sacred chanting, an element of music that is once again becoming popular for its soothing, uplifting, mediative properties and cross-cultural acceptance as a sacred form of music. Add the ancient to the more contemporary style of genre known as world -fusion and you have music with an eastern influence that garners wide appeal over a range of many differing modalities.

Prabhujee (a prayer to Prabhuji – my sweet lord) was written by Pundit Ravi Shankar and features his daughter Anoushka Shankar on sitar, which blends beautifully with the soothing tones of Deva, as she ushers in a deeper state of refection and meditation within the 8.45sec song; a piece long enough to offer a short, but refreshing moment of contemplation in a busy day.

As with all of her works the German born chanteur seeks perfection. In the softly hypnotic Buddham Sharanam she has achieved a divine state of stillness with a delicate touch gently enhanced by the occasional use of the bansuri – calm perfection.

The selection of chants chosen for this album reflect the journey Deva has undertaken over the past twenty years, from her shy beginnings as a back-up singer for Mitten, to a diva in the world of sacred music, bringing to the modern world centuries old chants and music to heal, relax and quite the jangling of the manic world of today.

Absolutely beautiful, relaxing and divine.

DistributorDeva and Miten
ReleasedOctober 2018
ArtistsDeva Premal