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Dreaming Time

If you are searching for a gentle collection of music or sonic vibrations with which to meditate, that will help with connectivity, Dreaming Time is it.

Deliberately created to work with sonic vibration it is divided into four collections or alums with specific purpose, that of encouraging the heart- mind vibration to allow the listener to embrace the moment, to open up, to be receptive.

Deep and not for the faint heated this concept in sound will encourage you to travel in mind and spirit to the place you choose to enter.

Move gently through the experience and savour each and every moment as you shift into dreaming. Once there the music will guide you to the place your soul needs to encompass to refresh and restore.

Although the music can be used as a transformational medium it is also quite complex in that it encompasses quiet, beginnings, mystery and foreboding. In the final piece, Dreaming IV, a reverence for what we are given daily, life and all that embraces, has been created to help formulate your journey into a safe and gentle conclusion towards wholeness.

PublisherForrest Smithson