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Flute Flight

Floating loosely through the ether without apparent shape or form the melodic notes of both the classic ‘silver’ flute and Native American flute combine to entice you into a world of sound which is designed to temp and invite you to enter into a space of timelessness, once there to be enjoyed.

When you combine the undisputed talents of Sherry Finzer and Mark Holland each on their flute of choice, the music created is laced with a unique ambience which, if allowed, will reach deep into the psyche to sooth, heal and calm.

On several of the tracks the addition of gongs, singing bowls, kaizen drum and Na’am plates add subtle warmth, a depth of healing, to the sounds which encourage the movement into relaxation. As you slow down gently, you find each of the pieces washes over you leaving you sub-consciously listening for more of the delicate sounds. Each segment reaches out to you, asking to be enjoyed and absorbed.

Piano and guitar are also to be discovered among the additional instrument’s adding their tones to the delicate combinations to change the tempo a little, to shift the essence from what could be considered as a Vedic style of melodious chant to a slightly more formal, almost classical sound which adds another layer of enjoyment, designed to appeal to a differing level of the senses.

Ideal for meditation, simply taking time out or just having on in the background on a busy day, the delicate, delightful sounds of the flutes weave in and out of your consciousness to bring a gentle relaxation and peace, doing what each of the  pieces has been created to do; to be enjoyed .
Running Time68.12 minutes
ArtistsSherry Finzer & Mark Holland