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Healing Sound Project 1​:​1

Sarah Jane Hargis believes in following dreams and overcoming obstacles, and doing what it takes to be able to follow a pathway in life that could be considered as a pre-defined destiny, that of becoming a world class flutist and Neurological Music Therapist.

Born into a family of farmers, her love of music was encouraged by her grandmother, who played piano and her father a cornet player and guitarist, little did she realise as a child, she would go on to make music her life. When she began to partially lose her hearing, she moved away from music for some time, eventually returning to her passion through the study of Neurological Music Therapy.

There she met Andrea Cortez whose intention it was to learn the harp, to incorporate the healing vibration with the framework of Healing music. Hargis, a composer as well as instrumentalist over several genres, always had a desire to compose and record with a harpist.

After a session where they combined harp and flute melodies a decision was made to collaborate, to create the beautiful relaxing and healing Healing Sound Project 1:1 for practitioners working within the range of healing arts.

Overall, the work has immense charm, encompassing a range of elegant and comfortable melodies, which will have a wide appeal and will undoubtedly find a permanency within the healing modalities. But this collaboration has a far wider appeal, as it sits very nicely within the relaxation, meditation and healing fields, encompassing New Age, but not being defined within the structures, which will appeal to the wider community.

Perfect for background music, the subliminal elements craft a sense of well-being and peace, offering a sense of calm making this combination of harp and flute with electronic influences, a wonderful choice to help with overcoming much of the distress now prevalent in in a rapidly changing world.

DistributorHealing Sound Project
ReleasedApril 2020
ArtistsSarah Jane Hargis and Andrea Cortez