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I Dream About this World. The Wyeth Album

The Wyeth Album is somewhat unique in that it is based on the love of works by artist Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) and the legacy of his father, Illustrator and artist NC Wyeth (1882-1945).

Catherine Charlton has turned her love of and  fascination with, the creative talent of these two men into a body of work that not only pays tribute to the painted art form, but that also of painting a picture with sound, blending and mixing the many and various influences to present a sound picture to delight and tantalise the senses.

The ten tracks range across a varied and wide style from the introductory Nonesuch (The Wind) which combines a range of instruments to deliver a light and yet layered piece followed by the evergreen and delightful Granen (The Spruce) Opus 75, no 5 by Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) which, as when walking onto any gallery, offers a selection of what is there to be discovered, to be viewed and  enjoyed, but always to be interpreted with the eye, or in this instance, the ear of the beholder!

David Darling adds the rich toes of the ‘cello to I Dream About This World which moves across the canvas shifting from the gentle to the more insistence note of the piano, as the various shades of colour are being laid down in what could be considered a dreamscape of sound. Gentle vocalisation offered by Nancy Rumbal drift across and throughout the notes, uniting them into one continuous, mellow and mediative piece.

Ann Wyeth McCoy’s composition Helga’s Suite: Chorale, although only a short piece, offers a slightly differing texture to the other works and is offered as a world premier from this talented composer.

A Walk once again brings in other influences as the ‘cello is plucked introducing a slightly more modern edginess, which if you listen closely, could almost on considered as a jazz element!

The final pieces segue gently creating a reflective, delicate, beautiful work, an opus, allowing time for reflection, introspection, reverie and meditation. Whether this was intentional or otherwise, the four tracks make a fitting canvas to complete a wonderful, blended and inspired portrait of fine art and musical pleasure to delight the senses.

Distributor Phils-records
Released July 2017
Artists Catherine Marie Charlton