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I Remember

Haunting sounds entice you gently into a glorious creation of mellow, gentle vibration, washing over the soul, created in reverence to Mother Earth and the beauty surrounding each person, which is then enriched with wonderful poetry of thankfulness, encouraging focus and a slower, more peaceful moment to enter your soul.

As you relax into each of the compositions you can enjoy the moment which can be one of meditation, dreaming, thanksgiving or worship depending on where you are at that particular moment in time.

Each track has a specific identity which is explained in the vocals. Sisters of the Moon is one specifically for women and their spiritual magic; their worship circle formed on a clear moonlit night, where the alchemy of the spirit combines with the essence of the Mother Earth.

I Am is about who you are, where you live in spirit, in essence, in strength. It is also an excellent piece to use for meditation, to refresh the mind and soul, reminding you that thankfulness and kindness should be absolute.

Lemurian Dreamer and Atlantis takes us back to the mysterious past of civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria, which while many say are pure folkloric, many others believe truly existed, and although their civilization was disappearing they still managed to bring their talents and technical brilliance into a world we are still discovering.

Beautifully crafted by Cynthia Hart, has been joined on this album by a talented line-up of producers and artists in Stan Henley, Jim Boling, Rod Henley, Shea Henley, Bill Hatcher and Sheri Henley, all experts in their chosen disciplines.

With this incredible line-up of talent forming I Remember,  combined with the reverence given to each wonderful composition, there is an offering towards personal peace, an uplifting of the spirit and soul, an opportunity to reach deep within, to find the ancient alchemy that lies within each of us, reminding us of a time that was far different to the present times, a time with a deep and intrinsic reverence of Mother Earth and the universe surrounding all.

This is beautiful music that will entice you to undertake a journey which encourages worship, meditation and reverence.

Running Time62.12mins
ArtistsCynthia Hart