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There is a slight shift of focus in this latest and perhaps the most gentle release from Deuter as he has based each of the compositions on herbs with healing properties, located about the various countries he has either lived in or visited. As with the various restorative and healing properties of the plants selected, so too does this music reach deep to heal the spirit and the soul.

Mondarda which is cello based, is named after an amazing member of the mint family known as ‘bee balm’, ‘horsemint’ or ‘Oswego tea’ dependent upon where you live and is known for its more astringent properties and spicy, fragrant oil which is vaguely reflected in the timbre of the piece. This creates the mood for the carefully constructed lead in to Sonnenbraut, a ten minute segment ideal for meditation, as its mellifluous tones, interspersed with delicate flute and violin segments, helps to create a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

The aptly named tracks reflect the various herbs selected, all of which have special properties as in Traubensilbekerze, also known as ‘black snakeroot, or ‘bugbane’, which trips lightly across the ether, moving from the slow, mediative rhythm into a catchy segment reminding one of the peace and stillness to be found in a Japanese etching, as picture of a pristine morning or the final, slowing down of the day as the sun sets gently on the horizon. It, in no way, is reflective of the special healing properties of the herb though!

Slowly, gently and softly Immortelle, a plant that grows in Corsica and is used widely in folk remedies to provide protection, as well as heal and renew the skin,  seeps into the psyche, as does the herbal remedy the composition is named after,

The final piece Cumaru begins with gentle piano, is permeated with the delicate use of the synth and enriched by the subtle use of vocals, to create an almost ethereal, transference from earth to space, from stress to relaxation, adding the final touches to the healing and refreshing journey undertaken.

Moving through the many pieces, a delightful sense of relaxation pervades the environment moving outward, encompassing the space and the place, allowing a sense of well-being and peace to flow over the listener.

Living deep in the forest of New Mexico, presents Deuter with fresh inspiration on a daily basis, which is reflected in the timelessness of the music created.  As with all of his works, each of the pieces reaches out to touch the listener, to heal, to encourage, then reaching into the areas of the soul needing to be refreshed.

Website http:/
Distributor New Earth Records
Released September 2016
Running Time 60mins
Artists Deuter