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Journey For Mankind

Anyone who has ever flown long haul, looking out into the endless blue sky as dawn is breaking or night is drawing in will relate to this latest, very peaceful album from the talented duo of Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer, as they have once again collaborated to create a tribute to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle landing on the moon.

On 21 July 1969, history was made when Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon with Aldrin joining him a little later. Fifty years on the fascination with that incredible event is still palpable, with countries worldwide celebrating in so many ways, spending time reflecting back to a time when space travel was very, very, new, almost unbelievable to the man on the street. A time when new horizons were being discovered, challenged, in the race into space.

So many people can remember to the very second where they were when this event was taking place, many still marvelling at the awe in which they held being able to view these men, doing something unimaginable, walking on the surface of the mood.

In their significant style Moore and Finzer have, with the blending rich notes of the of flute and intimate electronic range, followed the journey from the dawn at Merritt Island to the eventual and safe return to earth of Armstrong and Aldrin, whose lives had been changed in so many ways, forever.

There is a small booklet that accompanies the album which sets out the inspiration behind the pieces. Words from the men are also included which provided the inspiration for Shadow of the Moon and Blue Pearl in a Black Sky.

Once again, Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer have simply merged their music into a seamless whole, allowing the evolution of an absolutely beautiful work full of peace, beauty, serenity, awe and reflection to be born.

A Journey for Mankind is outstanding tribute to those who dared to venture forth and make history in the everchanging, mysterious, unknown universe, Space.

Distributor Highr Level Media
Released July 2019
Running Time 43:51
Artists Tom Moore and Shery Finzer