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Kingdom of Mountains

Four musicians from diverse musical backgrounds and disciplines, somehow found their way to form a group, Mystic Journey, which would see them creating some incredibly soul seeking music. This music saw them gain world acclaim within the ‘new age’ genre for their beautiful, evocative and hunting creations.

Their music is noted for reaching deep within to take the listen, the journeyman, to another time and place, a place where to relax, to become invigorated and refreshed, is nothing more than a beautiful journey of the spirit and soul.

Teng and Ley, the husband and wife team behind the formation of this formidable group, have written all the pieces on this latest album, taking the time and care to feature some beautiful, unusual instruments in the creation of each of the ‘songs’.

In Mystic Journey Susan Teng demonstrates her incredible ability with a wide range of flutes, weaving the delicate notes of the Chinese bamboo flute, the ‘dizi’, throughout the piece Delicate Rainbow Flower. Gilbert Levy lends a delightful resonance to the pieces with the addition of bass dulcimer, Turkish ‘saz’ as well as the African bass harp.

Jon Ossman and Dan M. Torres make up the final members of this multi-talented group with their addition of oud, acoustic and electric guitars, as well as sitar, dilruba and bass.

Each of the songs has, as with all collections, a special significance which is generally hinted in the title of the various tracks. On this album, the titles are almost as interesting and intriguing as to their creation, as is the music behind each piece.

The beautifully enticing Subhadra welcomes you in on this Mystical Journey, creating an evocative and ethereal atmosphere, which will allow a soft flow into the balance of the music. Kingdom of Mountains, as well as being the title of the album, once again draws you in with the hauntingly seductive notes of the flute, underpinned with a subtle raft of percussion, adding to the mystique of the piece. Listen carefully as there could almost be a touch of ‘flamenco’, hidden in there as well.

Subtle percussion is a contrast to the previous tracks as it introduces a touch of the sultry Middle East in Lebanon Girl, and once the flute joins in, the melody is such as to encourage you to return from your long, peaceful, healing, mystical voyage through time and space, to emerge refreshed and replenished.

An hauntingly beautiful album from introduction to finale!

DistributorMystical Journey
Running Time47:65 mins
ArtistsMystic Journey