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Let There Be Light

In 2016 Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer collaborated on an album Whispers from Silence which went on to receive much acclaim in the world of new age, fusion music with its serious undertones and ability to encourage deep meditation.

The immensely talented pair has come together once again to fuse the incredible skill of Moore with his contemporary acoustic skills and sound with the more traditional, but brilliant range of the flute, played by the talented and much acclaimed Finzer.

A lighter sound than their previous work, Let There Be Light is delicate, almost dainty and extremely subtle as it is simply there, not demanding to be paid adherence to, but gently seeping within to create a what could almost be termed as an elegance of peace; an elegance of grace.

Created in the firm consideration that beyond the material world there is another world, that of vibration and consciousness, which if listened to will take the person, the very soul beyond the physical and in to the meta-physical, to the place where peace and joy is to be found, has been perfectly illustrated throughout this work.

Profound but a profundity which has been translated particularly well, that begins with the relaxing piece, The Way of the White Cloud, introduced by the sound of the plucking strings of a guitar which ushers in the deep, dark tones of the bass flute, underscored with a repetitive electronic drone; slow, cleansing and hypnotic.

As the album has been created to take the listener on a journey of relaxation, peace and joy, each of the nine pieces has been constructed in such a manner as to be a different stage of the journey; some slow, gentle and sombre, others full of life and light such as Timeless Journey which has an intriguingly uplifting effect.  When followed by Full Moon Night, introduced by the sound of waves lapping on the shore, then single guitar notes, the journey takes on an almost exotic timbre which is enhanced by the haunting notes of the flute.

To a degree there is solid component of experimentation within the album with the use of bells, chimes, and what could almost be considered as a ‘chanting’, although this is produced electronically, combined with  additional sounds which are appearing more often in the composition of new age/ambient/meditation music styles, which creates a slightly different resonance.

Sacred Ground is a real pleasure to enjoy as it immediately brings to the imagination mystery, mystique and thankfulness, while offering another time, place and space to dwell.

Concluding this album of light and sound is A Deeper Light, which brings to culmination a work of discovery with the sound of bells, a storm crashing overhead and once again the ‘chanting’ effect overlaid with the deep notes of the flute and subtle additions of a harp.

Moore and Finzer have once again produced an album which should do more just than please the listener, it should encourage deep meditation and given time, become an award winner for the talented duo.




DistributorHeart Dance Records
ReleasedNovember 2017
Running Time54:35 secs
ArtistsTom Moore and Shery Finzer