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Majestica: In The Midst of Stars

This delicious, all-encompassing collaboration between award winning flautist Sherry Finzer and multi-instrumentalist Cass Anawaty has created something so very special that words really cannot describe, nor create, the sublime bliss felt, when listening to this work.

From the opening track, In The Midst of Stars you are immediately wrapped in warmth that invites you in, invites you to listen, to feel, to enjoy the treat that is in store for you. This wonderful warmth continues as an unbroken thread throughout which creates a deep sensuousness rarely conveyed through the medium of music.

That this album is something very special is soon made apparent as the further you relax into the tracks, you realise that majesty, the incredible talent, the blending of synthesizer with flute, piano, drums and guitar has tapped into something very, very close to divine.

How best to describe this personal listening experience is difficult indeed, as to each listener the music will resonate in a different manner; bring with it the solace, the love the peace that is required.  Both the track and the complete album, In The Midst of Stars , has the ability to achieve so much in so many different arenas as the music is moody, emotive, uplifting, gentle and subtle,  having the ability to change tempo, almost at will, adding a further dimension to the music.

Close of the Day, is a lovely piece with the repetitive notes of the piano overlaid with the almost deeply mournful notes of the flute which intrigue, and tantalize, allowing the mind to absorb, to admire the simple complexity that has created a piece that brings to mind birds on the wing soring majestically on the thermals, high above the earth, simply at one with their environment which demonstrates in its entirety, the alchemy created by Finzer and Anawaty throughout the various pieces.

In no way should this music be billed only as ‘new age ‘or ‘spiritual’, as it far more than  a creative collection of notes evolving for meditation; it is an album that encompasses many differing moods and emotions taking the listener to so many places; misty mountain tops, the incredible deepness of the night sky, the fascinating world below the water’s surface, the deep rhythms to be found within the human body and spirit, culminating in the superbly drifting piece Aurora Australis, where you feel you are offered the right to simply drift, to observe, to become one with the earth, the sky, the stars.

This is an album of sensual beauty, which regardless of the arena it is presented in, will be long remembered for the understated majesty and beauty created by two musicians who are not only Masters of their craft, but blend their skills together in an almost divine manner.


Website http:/
Distributor Heart Dance records
Released June 2016
Running Time 57.03 sec
Artists Sherry Finzer and Cass Anawaty