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Moonlight in Empty Rooms

“In the painting of Alexander Volkov, where time stands still.

I heard music” – Heidi Breyer

Alexander Volkov is a world renowned artist, noted for his real life painting, a self-taught artist who believes anyone can create art. Heidi Breyer is his wife, a talented pianist and composer. Between them they have created what would have to be considered a magically beautiful work, Moonlight In Empty Rooms, a collection of compositions for piano and violin, based on twelve of the 500 works created by Volkov over the past 25 years.

A small booklet accompanies the double disc set, setting out the philosophy of both artists as they live, work and combine their immense talent to creating a vision of rare beauty. Music is often compared to painting a picture through sound and in this evocative collection the best way to enjoy the magic is simply to relax and allow the music to wrap around the psyche, to create the visons as they arrive asking to be enjoyed.

The introduction, Unfinished Conversation evolved from a work of pure simplicity; an empty room, an unfinished glass of wine, a candle snuffed out, the smoke from the wick still fresh allowing the viewer to write their own story. The music is introduced with the clear tones of the piano which are joined by the definite and yet delicate notes of the violin, offering the option of conversations unfinished, a pause in time, a moment to reflect. As the two instruments continue with their dance, art and music entwine seamlessly.

Each of the twelve pieces are delicate, intricate and absolutely exquisite, each one with its own particular depth of emotion which is only enhanced by the wonderfully mellifluous tone of the violin played by the brilliant Charlie Bisharat. To listen to two instruments so co-joined is as if both Breyer and Bisharat are in total harmony, almost a spiritual connection where there is no defined end and no beginning, even though the violin is the secondary instrument.

Emotion pure, clear and deep underpins each of the compositions which is both a tribute to Volkov’s stunning paintings as displayed in the booklet and the intimate involvement Breyer has with his works. It is as if she has simply sat in front of her favourite pieces allowing them to speak to her, to create through her the perfection of that moment in time captured forever.

It is considered that this is Breyer’s best work to date, a work in which she has reached deep into the well of her talent, allowing the rich beauty to create a wonderful series of intimate and emotionally felt pieces which are gracious, delightful and a rare treat.


Distributor cdbaby
Released January 2018
Artists Heidi Breyer