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Mystic Messages

Where does one commence with music of such immensity, that should you attempt to describe the pure, heartfelt and inspired creations from Ben Brooks and Peter Day, it is discovered relatively quickly that words are simply inadequate.

Mystic Messages, their new release is simply that: mystic and full of messages should one choose to immerse oneself into the moment of creation, the moment when the flute is placed to the lips, the guitar is lifted, or the fingers rest on the keyboard.

Their work is inspirational, majestic, flowing with a deep spirituality and richness that is seldom captured. They admit to simply ‘jamming’ and then discovering what has emerged from this meeting of the soul and mind; vibrations channelled from some amazing divinity on a mission to show just what can be achieved when spirit is allowed to flow through music, creating healing and peace.

Song after song the work simply flows with a gentle, ambient emotion which although it comes under the classification of New Age, has strong influences from their backgrounds in the folk and jazz genres.

As younger man Ben Brooks dreamed of becoming a rock star, a dream which did not eventuate, but a dream that allowed him to go on to further explore the wide and very diverse world of music. Peter Day played in R&B Bands as a young man, but spent much of his adult life, as has Brooks, as a music journalist, always involved with the delightful medium of making music.

The nine tracks that make up the album are diverse, reflecting the more than 30 years they have chalked up, playing and recording together. While their lives have been, of necessity different, there are few, if any barriers which separate their friendship and creative ability which is reflected throughout the perfection of their music.

Simply kick back, and get set to enjoy something rare, special, inspiring and enriching in this ‘improv’ work from Brooks and Day. Hopefully this is the first of many more ‘improv’ albums.

A sumptuous and divinely blessed tonic for the soul.

Distributor CD Baby
Released April 2019
Running Time 42:58
Artists Peter Day and Ben Brooks