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Naam Radiance

The words are more than 600 years old, the music is months old and comes together under the skilful, creative energy of Megan Chaskey as she weaves both her instrumental and vocal talents to combine the ancient with the modern in a wonderful healing and meditative  collection of melodies and chants.

Using the delicate and dulcet tones of the Celtic harp throughout many of the tracks adds that element of peacefulness in to the chants initially created to worship, but now used in so many ways in modern times to bring healing, peace, tranquillity and enjoyment.  You could a call this music therapy and would not be too far from the mark.

 Set carefully amongst the chants is a wonderful cello interlude of such purity played by the highly respected David Darling which allows a break between the chants to simply be and absorb what has gone before.

 It also gets you ready for the remainder of the album which will encourage you to step once again into or out of time and space and simply be in the moment.

Each of the chants has a specific purpose and to this end the words are in the cover of the album allowing you to join in and fully experience the richness and healing chanting can bring.

Use this music morning and evening to greet the day and give thanks for the dawning. Use it again at the end of the day once again to give thanks and reflect on what they day has offered to you; or simply select any one chant to bring abundance, ask for divine help, clear negativity, light the pathways from darkness to light, clear anger and depression or waken the soul to essential truth