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Nanda Devi

Written in homage to the Mountain Nanda Devi in Northern India, this ethereal, devotional music reaches out and transports you to a realm of peace and tranquillity; a place of serenity that can often only be achieved when out in nature, gazing in awe and reflection at the majesty there to be  adored.

In this exploration of musical harmonies, Christian has taken a step into an amazing perspective of harmonic rhythm, which if played softly in the background takes you very gently, almost subliminally, into a deep peace and slightly mediative state.

Intending to create a sense of peace and space he has succeeded by using his ‘cello to create a slow, drawn-out almost melancholy sound with the bow which underpins the gentle, almost subtle addition of the many other instruments used to create the wide range of harmonics.

Very different to the usual spiritual music it captures the majesty of the mountain, the sense of brooding ambience, the reverence in which Nanda Devi is held by those who journey to and climb upon its stature.

In a somewhat unusual twist Christian plays all the many instruments used to create this work. Although ‘cello is his first instrument he has, over the years mastered the many string instruments used to create the unique sounds of ‘ethnic world music’, along with the Tibetan Bowls and electronic keyboards all of which , including the subtle sounds of water droplets, have been woven into the tapestry that is Nanda Devi; soulful, meditative, reflective and spiritual.

PublisherNew Earth Records