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Peaceful Being

Calling the Rain introduces Richard Noll’s debut album Peaceful Being, a rich and beautiful collection of compositions inspired by nature, as in the composition of Calling the Rain when he was watching the formation of a storm moving towards him, while playing his recorder in tribute; the storm and the rain eventually arrived, drenching him.

Although a multi-instrumentalist, on this album he focuses on using the Recorder as the primary instrument infused with the subtle overtones of native or indigenous flute, which is interesting as traditionally the Recorder was known as the Flute (Flauto), before the flute, oboe, and clarinet saw it fall from fashion.

Deep and rich, or high and calling, the recorder has a timbre that lends itself to gentle and peaceful composition, which is perfectly presented in the title track Peaceful Being as the call of the recorder underpinned by gentle synthesizer, creates the haunting beauty of the vastness that is nature. Some wordless vocalisation simply adds to the mystique of the moment. This piece was created while he was sitting by the side of a waterfall in New Mexico.

Nightfall is another delightful piece reminiscent of a slightly more baroque style with the addition of piano, a piece created while camping. His wife, Shaina Noll once again joins in with wordless vocals threading throughout the piece.

Inner Journey is the longest piece on this album and was created in the desire to encourage the listener to simply take the time to relax, enjoy, and meditate, to take a little time to simply be, to enjoy the time and place: to emerge refreshed.

Drawing to conclusion a most enjoyable and refreshing collection is Invocation, a tenor solo which underpins the philosophy behind the collection; that of a peaceful reverence to nature and her mystique, which if carefully observed unfolds, there to be enjoyed.

A simple and incredibly effective combination of recorder, flute, piano, vocals and viola have been blended to create an beautifully soothing, relaxing and peaceful album that brings with it a reverence which is perfect for  reflection and meditation.


Distributor CD Baby
Released 2018
Running Time 49:53 secs
Artists Rchard Noll