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Quiet Spaces: Flute Meditations For Mindfulness and Relaxation

The hauntingly sensual sound of the flute drifts in what would seem to be an effortless flow, wafting across the sounds of the mundane, offering a gentle and relaxing voyage into peace and tranquillity, creating the trademark of this latest release from world renown flautist Ann Licater, in her fifth solo album Quiet Spaces.

Licater has selected a range of soothing songs to delight the heart and soul, and when played in her award-winning style on a selection of flutes, creates a seamless, 45-minute journey to take the listener anywhere they choose to follow.

Subtle, haunting, mysterious notes float ever outward weaving a delightful soundscape that enchants, while encouraging meditation, mindfulness and well-being, beginning with the title track Quiet Spaces, a relaxing and soothing song to begin a true soul journey.

Whist none of the pieces are overly long a distinct calmness descends on the space, bringing with it a rather unique vibration, very easy to tune into and enjoy for the time available.

Ann Licater’s skill with the selection of flutes chosen to be used is very, very impressive. The range of instruments used for Quiet Spaces include a Mayan Temple flute replica to a Tennessee Butternut Native American flute, which takes her back to her first release Following the Call, more than ten years ago.

Although the work is pure flute, with the very occasional addition of delicate wordless vocals and Peter Phippen on electric bass, the songs are not repetitious as the choice of instrument on each piece allows it to develop its own unique identity, while maintaining the original intent, to create a sonic journey of relaxation.

Ideally suited for areas such as spas, meditation, yoga and mindfulness requirements, the work is also the perfect medium to encourage a good night’s sleep, sooth the restless child and settle the reluctant sleeper into a deep, healing and refreshing sleep.

Gentle, beautiful and absolutely perfect for taking a little time out in today’s manic lifestyle.

Distributor CD Baby
Released October 2018
Running Time 46:35
Artists ann Licater