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Reiki: Hands of Love

As with all music created by Deuter, it is magnificent; whether it is gentle and melodious or more energetic, it reaches out to touch the soul, to heal, to bring peace, comfort and tranquillity to the listener.

‘Hands of Love’ can be likened to silk on the skin, a deeply sensuous feel which engages as soon as it is felt, as does this serenely enchanting, reflective work.

Created to work with Reiki, a Japanese healing technique focusing on stress and relaxation, it is also an extremely comprehensive listening piece for anyone who simply enjoys incredible music created by the divine through the talents and abilities of man.

Each one of the nine tracks created combines a rare talent and love of instruments, some of which are gentle and serene and so imply flow, while others feature piano, synth, a touch of flute and occasionally a dash of violin solo. Acoustic guitar and wood flute also make an appearance as does wordless vocals, an aspect of music which is becoming more popular in new Age Music as it adds a deeper, richer dimension to the melody.

Perfect for that evening in when you simply wish to let the stress of the everyday world go; equally as healing and relaxing for use with any healing techniques, as the gentle notes reach a level which cannot be reached by hands alone, only music, to begin to create the healing and comfort that is sought.

Dueter lives in the forest, works surrounded by natures beauty, is a Reiki practitioner and the undisputed creator of music now known world-wide as ‘new age’.  He is undoubtedly a master of and in his craft; with this latest release he has once again delivered what he has always strived to achieve, music that will heal and touch the deepest recesses of the heart.


PublisherNew Earth Records