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Return of the Star Elders

Connection with the Divine ones is indisputable and never more so apparent than through the music of Lia Scallion in her latest album Return of the Star Elders, the perfect vehicle for deep meditation and the ushering in of tranquillity.

Exquisitely constructed, each of the mystical pieces reaches out to cradle the soul in harmony, to allow the messages of the Ancient Ones to be felt, heard and understood. In most ancient cultures it is clearly understood that  ‘earthlings’ are deeply connected to the heavens, with the stars to guide the way to understanding and knowledge, a belief which has been submerged  in the madness of modern civilization.

Over her many years of travelling the world visiting ancient sites, Lia Scallion has gathered much sacred knowledge, which she shares through the medium of music, tapping into the deep knowledge and beliefs held sacred by many civilisations such as the American Indian, the First Nations people of Australia, the Druids and  many other ancient cultures of the world.

The arrival of the Star Elders or Ancient Ones has been recorded for all in time in legend, on walls in rock art and in sacred writing, with many of the ancient prophets talking of a time when the Star Elders will once again return to walk amongst us.

The richness of the soundscape created in homage to this eventual return is one filled with a unique magic as in Arrival of the Star Elders a piece which is totally enchanting, holding within the concept of the piece a wonderful journey of the mind and spirit to a place of richness; an elder chanting, the music wrapping around, offering comfort and solace during spiritual blessings.

One song that stands tall is the glorious Ancient Katchina Wisdom, best listened and absorbed via headphones in order to capture the true elements of divine creation ; a piece handed down through celestial connection and far more timeless than can possibly be imagined.

On Return of the Star Elders the vocals of Lia Scallion are perfection. It could be considered that hers is a direct voice of the Star Elders reaching out offering peace, hope and a certainty that change is coming. Couple this with instinctive knowledge which tells us that even though the times in which we all live are challenging, there is love and enlightenment to be found by reaching deep within, to the fundamental beliefs deeply held within the psyche, which will eventually usher in the heralding of ‘A New Golden Age’! 

Distributor Sounds of Sirus
Released march 2021
Running Time 78:21
Artists Lia Scallion