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Sacred Lullabies

Simply magical, this gloriously delicate, deeply spiritual collection of Sacred Lullabies from Camille Nelson demonstrates the depth of her amazing talent. Created with the sole intent of offering to those who choose to listen, the same sense of peace and oneness woven around her by her mother, as she sung these beautiful pieces to her children, she has succeeded in every respect.

While the work is diverse, it holds the same thread through all the many tracks, that of peace, worship, thankfulness and joy, coming together through voices and instruments in such a way that the more the work is enjoyed the more the layers within the layers are revealed.

Commencing with the well-loved I Am A Child Of Jesus she has woven pure magic by transposing this to violin and guitar, adding a rich element to a beautiful piece written by Naomi Randall in 1957 with Mildred Tanner adding the music.

The voices of Kimberley Knighton and Britney Holman add a country feel to the contemporary hymn Trying To Be Like Jesus written by American Gospel singer Andraé Edward Crouch (July 1, 1942 – January 8, 2015), a piece which will hold wide appeal.

Guitar is the solo instrument used with craftmanship in Redeemer of Israel a lovely, gentle piece with almost a haunting, lonesome quality. A Childs Prayer a little further on once again holds a reflective element with solo guitar once again with a distinct traditional bluegrass style.

Stephanie Madsen beautiful voice blends seamlessly with guitar on Not For A Moment, offering a mellow folk sound to this contemporary gospel piece written by Meredith Andrews in 2012.

Camille Nelson’s brother John joins her on violin on New World, once again a hauntingly beautiful rendition of a hymn based loosely on Dvorak’s New World Symphony adding a perfect classical touch to an absolutely delightful album.

Pie Jesu, a piece covered by many over its lifetime has been lifted to a completely new level of beauty with the angelic, make no mistake, voice of Catherine Bohman (Nelson) once again a member of this talented group of six.

The final piece Where Can I Turn To For Peace is a slightly melancholy, deeply reflective piece, asking the time old question of who and where do you go or look towards, when life simply gets too much, drawing to a conclusion an absolutely joyful album, packed full of richness, which also pays tribute to family, to God and to the spirituality that lies within everyone.


Distributor HeartDance records
Released August 2019
Running Time 56:48
Artists Camille Nelson