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Sanctuary III: Beyond the Dream

Once again Sherry Finzer has produced an album which encapsulates the haunting, ethereal beauty of the flute in Sanctuary III: Beyond the Dream.

In a far more reflective and almost introverted mood, somewhat different to her usual style, she taps into the depth of each of the pieces seeking the inner strength of the music, the soul and the heart of each of the pieces.

Introducing us to the emotive series of works, The Way gently ushers in the reflective melodies which are to be the significant component of the album. It is almost as if Finzer is looking deep within to allowing that gentle spirituality to come forward, to form the notes which are perfection in themselves.

Her offering of the beautiful Hallelujah, written by Leonard Cohen in 1984, is one to be enjoyed over and over again. This piece of music has, over the years, been treated to a wide range of performance styles, each one as different and varied as the performer or performance. In this rendition it is simple, subtle and all encompassing. Dare one say a classic interpretation?

Amazing Grace is another much love hymn which has also seen a transformation in style; the rich tones of the flute have been enhance with the delicate touch of the guitar played by Darrin Mahoney, allowing a deep, almost dreamlike element to infuse the traditional and timeless rhythm of the composition.

Another Time and Place continues what has become an almost seamless, dreamlike state, offering complete immersion into a peaceful place, a sanctuary, if you will, where you can simply be, let go, relax and enjoy.

The American Gospel Folk song Wayfaring Stranger is introduced with the sound of waves breaking on the shore, the ebb and flow of the ocean, the notes of the flute rising above the elements to paint a soundscape, relating to the lyrics depicting a ‘poor wayfaring stranger, Traveling through this world of woe’ (sic)……………….´I am just going o’er Jordan I am just going o’er home’.

The final piece ‘Song For Rex’ was written for her then unborn grandson, long awaited and much loved and is full of unspoken love, joy and hope for this new soul, yet to grace this earth. Light and perfect, the piece also returns you to this time and place, filled with love, refreshed and  in the knowledge that this place, this sanctuary, is there for you to return too as you will, as you desire.

Distributor CD Baby
Released re-released 2017
Running Time 60:15mins
Artists Sherry Finzer