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Seventh Wave

Tripping daintily across the ether Shift is a delicate and light piece to introduce the latest album from the delightful Michelle Qureshi as she once again uses her imagination, as well as a varied collection of instruments to create a series of beautiful blends and harmonies created to sooth, heal and simply be enjoyed.

Electronic introduction sifting into a rhythmic tapping and electronic range of sounds creates a slow, otherworldly piece in Velvet Rains, which both teases and enchants as it leaves the space open to interpretation – to dreamtime, to before the earth was formed, to a journey into the far reaches of space. Almost eight minutes in duration it makes a lovely piece for a quick meditation.

Each Good Rain opens with plucking of guitar strings backed by a synth played in a gentle and almost unobtrusive manner, saying Yes, I am here but pay me no attention – focus on the guitar. Mellow and dreamy this is one for simply enjoying the delicate notes and overtures set to sooth and relax.

The ting, tong of what can be easily envisioned as a xylophone leads onto the full-bodied synthesised sounds of Never Odd or Even leading you into a deeper relaxation which is followed by Angels a lovely, up-tempo piece that awakens the listener as it slowly, carefully, shifts dynamics into a more care-free minute or two.

Drifting lightly into the final piece in this innovative and totally enjoyable collective, There Lightly wafts the peacefulness of the meditative state, into a slightly less deep element but also encourages a slow return to everyday life, with the introduction of higher, sharper notes of the flute wandering across the soundscape.

The final piece Dreaming in Color is exactly that, as the colours of the spectrum are transcribed into music leaving it to the listener to select the colour, select the mood,  as well as the moment chosen to return from the Seventh Wave to the everyday world.

As with all of her albums, this being the seventh album, she has created a wonderfully soothing blend tied together with love which will appeal to anyone seeking that special music for meditation, relaxation, yoga or background ambience.

Once again the Qureshi has created a wonderful, heartfelt offering of love and pleasure to be shared.

DistributorHeart Dance Records
ReleasedJuly 2017
Running Time67:14mins
ArtistsMichelle Qureshi