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Silver Chord

Soundscapes slowly moving seamlessly into one another, is the trade mark of this digital only release Silver Chord from the talented Michelle Qureshi, a composer who delights and has refined to a high level the art of metaphors and music or music as a metaphor; the perspective is personal to the listener.

The metaphor is obvious as she uses the chord of life, the chord that is the thread of life, connecting the physical with the metaphysical to form the human spirit, the life force that dwells within every living thing on this earth transposed through the music.

Recently a journey to the coast and some underwater exploring, followed by Qureshi’s remarkable music, reminds of the essence which is life; to swim deep in the waters is each time a rebirth, a reconnection with Spirit, a reviewing of the small, the large and the majesty that is life given to be enjoyed, lived and shared.

This delicate album created on electric guitar, with the talented David Helpling contributing with vocals on the introductory piece Voice Upstairs, is a reminder that there is more to life than individual pursuits, that we, each one, is connected to a much higher energy, a higher self, a different place and time in space that is the essential connection to joy and peace.

As each piece unfolds, becoming one beautiful, relaxing journey, the mind is encouraged to float, relax and slip gently along a pathway of choice, taking one continuous stream or moving into different scenarios as the moods softly changes.

The eight tracks that make up Silver Chord could also be considered as a metaphor, as in spiritual terms the glyph is considered to represent the dynamic and continuous flow of energy between opposites, creating a perfect balance to bring consciousness into balance and harmony.

A perfect soundscape to help return a sense of balance and harmony to body and soul. Sublime.


DistributorHeart Dance Records (digital only)
ReleasedNovember 2018
ArtistsMichelle Qureshi