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Spiritual Haven

Russell Suereth believes people should have spiritual havens but these do not need to be in any one fixed place; they can be a car, a place in the bush, a quiet moment by the fireside or walking along a deserted beach in the winter chill. Basically, anywhere you choose.

With this philosophy in mind he has created the perfect medium to take you to your spiritual place in this beautiful , enchanting collection of music beginning with ‘A Magic Flight’, a tantalising, catchy piece designed to  take you to your inner space, wrapping its warmth about you as you sit and dream.

Each piece has a purpose, such as “Notions Astir’ which in his mind sees a person sitting on top of a mountain watching the sun rising on a new day: beginnings fresh with joy and hope.

‘Glimmer of Light’ is about those dark times in everyone’s life when they would give much for that ‘glimmer of hope’ to hold onto until a solution can be found.

As with all music you can find within each piece something that will touch you in so many differing ways, soothing the emotional soul, or settling the rampant beast. Music reaches out in such an individual manner but always achieves what the listener is looking or searching for in that moment of time.

The oboe blends its haunting melodies amongst the varied selection of both classic and traditional instruments of guitar, piano, oud, and cello, along with the occasional dash of pure vocals, creating the alchemy to reach out and touch, heal and create.

Haunting and delicate, in ‘Realisation’, full and robust in ‘Sudden Awareness’, along with magnificence in ‘Red Moon Rising’, you will enjoy the journey on each of the tracs leading you towards finding your spiritual haven, your peaceful place where, for a moment of time you can simply be!

PublisherHaven tone records BMI
ArtistsRussell Suereth