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The Ascent

In a complete change of pace and genre Amy Faith has created a most beautiful, new age collection of divine sounds vocally enhanced, to reach out and touch the soul with a distinctive, relaxed vibration that upon listening, touches deep within.

Well known for her R&B and Jazz styles, she has taken a massive step musically to produce this debut album in a genre that is well known to be able to sooth, heal and cleanse, that of which can loosely be called ambient, designed to draw the focus to many differing levels without specifically identifying one tonal arrangement or another.

So saying, some areas are there to be noted and others to be ignored, but on listening a second, third or more times, those hidden areas become apparent while others noted prior,  drift seamlessly into the background to take their turn at being ignored.

This style therefore reaches out to whatever the need, the vibration, the healing, that is required.

As a meditation collection it is perfection as although it is vocal, the purity of sound creates an atmosphere of love and peace that can only encourage deep meditation and healing.

Growing up in a household where alternative medicine and a holistic approach to life was a daily occurrence she had always felt a strong desire to be able to ‘heal the planet with her voice’.

With the creation of The Ascent, Amy Faithe has taken the first step on the road to aiding the healing of the Planet and the people with divine sound. The words of her producer John Herrera sum up the entire recording when he stated,  ‘ The compositions flowed freely and quickly with divine inspiration as Amy channelled each performance with grace and humility,’.

That this work has been specifically channelled is not surprising as the spirituality is definitely present each time you listen to the work; the vocal mastery is significant allowing the encapsulation of the divine presence within each pure note.

Created by the Divine, Amy Faithe is the perfect vocal medium to be able to take each note and fuse it together to create a soul journey to entrance, enhance and heal.

Released September 2015
Running Time 64.34
Artists Amy Faithe