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The Light of Aluna

“The Word Aluna comes from the Kogi – an ancient civilization untainted by the modern world. It represents the Spirit world, the Dream of the Great Mother, where living knowledge resides before manifesting into the physical world.”

Sit quietly, breathe deeply then begin to listen to the gentle murmuring of the Earth as it starts to move toward creation.

Ripples of water, the gentle stirring of the breezes, the haunting sound of the human presence beginning to unfold, the caressing of stillness as the Earth rests bathed in light.

Deeply powerful, the gentle and melodious sounds created by Anima reach deep into the soul: to that special place within which often needs a reminder that all is there and all can be healed.

Heavily influenced by immersion into indigenous ways of life, Anima, Ali and Daniela, have created a sound based on connection to the spirit of the Earth Mother, allowing them to tap into the sonic vibrations of the earth within the music.

Birds twitter, a melodic voice chants healing vibrations, the deep timbre of male vocals ties the sense of timelessness into a journey or passage of sound towards healing of humans and the Earth.

Created with the desire to help people heal and by doing so heal the earth, The Light of Aluna encourages us to look deep within: to create our own healing and to always be reminded that while much appears to be timeless, we need to be conscious of our every thought and deed as this too creates sonic ripples of their own, which accordingly can heal or destroy.

All of this in one album, definitely, but as with all music created to touch the spirit, each will touch each in a different way, but will also do what it has been designed to do, create healing, a sense of peace and love and a deep sense of peacefulness.