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The Light Within

Sit and let your mind wander peacefully along with music which has been created to simply sooth, relax and enjoy in this delightful album from the talented pianist Greg Maroney.

Reverie begins this journey into relaxation as it introduces the timeless musical sounds that always seem to go with very, very old places of worship: places that over centuries have seen the best and worst of mankind, have listened to the sounds of praise, joy and sadness which have somehow become absorbed into the very essence of the building, allowing a wonderful peacefulness to descend, not just on the building but also on the journeyman or visitor who has come to this place.

Time Without End carries on this theme of gentle relaxation with a delightful piano interlude to lift the spirit, to encourage a sense of lightness and wellbeing, which, when followed by the haunting nature of Waking Dreams helps keep you in this mindless state of wellbeing for just a little more time.

As this is a new departure from his usual style of piano composition, Maroney has spent the time to simply immerse himself in a new direction, experimenting with electric keyboard and piano combinations to create something which is both relaxing and beautiful, delicate and yet sombre, very mindful of the world of which we are only a very small composite part.

Each of the tracks is as varied as the lifestyle, the note of music, the time, the place, the person or memory which, as with all musicians who compose, is an integral component of who they are, and how they relate and learn from their life journey.

Maroney’s goal was to ‘create music that is emotionally engaging yet soothing’, and in these marvellous and enjoyable pieces, Maroney has definitely achieved what he set out to accomplish.

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Distributor CD Baby
Released 2016
Running Time 70.99mins
Artists Greg Maroney