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The Paradise Collection

The music created by acclaimed pianist Joey Curtain comes from many sources, classical, fusion, jazz, Celtic, religious and traditional styles. These elements have been combined in her latest album The Paradise Collection,  a work filled with peace, reflection, relaxation and tranquillity.

Introducing her heart-warming compositions is the beautiful, measured piece Chrysalis (symphonic) offering the encompassing sounds of the orchestra accompanying the melodic notes of the piano, creating a transitional space to move from the everyday into a gentler place of peace and relaxation.

This shift to a slower pace is encouraged with the ancient Irish folk tune Be Thou My Vision, performed, with the addition of Jasmine Kinney on violin, as a prayer to the people of Ireland, a country both Joey and husband Patrick have visited many times, being frequent participants at the Peace and Reconciliation meetings.

Patrick joins with Joey on guitar in the fascinating piece Evening in Eden, a soft, almost genteel collaboration, that offers a dreamy interlude of romance and beauty.

Son David adds an old worldly element to the spiritual melody Wade in the Water, a spiritual sung by slaves escaping North during the American Civil War. A skilful use of electronics, has created a haunting, drifting influence over and around the background notes of the piano.

Tear Drop Piano, is a complete change of pace with a slow, very thoughtful moment of solo piano, offering in a time to spend in reflection, in thought, in communication with the inner self. A little further along is another solo piano piece A Thin Place, which leaves the song wide open to simple interpretation. Catchy, up-tempo and joyful, this is a delightful listening piece.

On guitar Patrick, joins Joey for the final track Song of Zion based on the Psalms which are considered as hymns or poetry for praise. Song of Zion was also considered as a type of folk song often sung around campfires and at meetings in the early days of the American pioneer families.

A beautiful, gentle, most relaxing and enjoyable collection of spiritual melodies created by ‘Piano with strings and things’.


Distributor CD Baby
Released August 2019
Running Time 54:10
Artists Joey Curtain