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The Recognition

Sheer, sublime, inspired use of harmonica, mixed with a little guitar and ambient sound, to create pure magic simply sums up the entire album; simple, easy and wonderful to listen to, can also be added to the list of descriptive words and emotions.

Haunting, unique and incredibly appealing, only a master of his instrument and craft could have created such a wonderfully different and rich palate of sound, in a world where, to create a different or unique sound, is something that all too often becomes mundane.

Inspired by being asked to contribute to the compilation album Christmas from the Heart project, where he recorded his song The Gift, Art Patience then went on to create The Recognition, which showcases his phenomenal talent.

Coming from an R&B background he is well known as the man who can add rawness to his playing; playing which comes straight from the heart.

In this latest release, and his first within the ambient field, it is almost as if he has simply sat down, picked up his harmonica and began to play. Along comes guitarist Darrin Mahoney, who joins him from time to time, appearing to establish what could almost be a jam session inclusive of two men immersed in their music, oblivious of all else around. Adding the mixing skills of John Herrera for the ambient undertones required, creates a mellowness which is needed to create the perfect balance to the various tracks, forging pure inspiration.

Although there are nine noted and named tracks on the album, the music simply flows, one piece into another, to present a timeless soundscape; one which can be surrounded by, morphed into or wrapped around. Spirit of the Woods simply brings in the sounds of nature, the outdoors, into what is already an album permeated with nuances and textures of the most subtle.

Scott Cossu considers Art Patience as ‘redefining the limitations of harmonica’. Once you have enjoyed this remarkably beautiful album, you will have to agree that this music has definitely been created to stretch the limitations and by doing so, offers inspiration, contemplation and relaxation, in a most unique manner.


Website http:/
Distributor Art Patience
Released January 2017
Running Time 52.44secs
Artists Art Patience