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The Space Between Breaths

By combining such encompassing talents with Shery Finzer playing a range of flutes and Will Clipman demonstrating once again his mastery of pan global percussion, The Space Between Breaths, their first collaboration, was always going to be an interesting combination, as the variety of moods that can be created by both these elements can and does, take you any place you wish to travel.

The sound of a singular beat brings in the flute on Evening at Angkor Wat, a temple complex in Cambodia, considered the largest religious complex in the world, originally established as shrine to the Hindu god Vishnu, but later in the 12th century converted to a Buddhist temple. The element of timelessness surrounding this site has been captured in the haunting melodies of the composition.

Almost a jaunty little piece is Cliff Dwellers, where several different flutes are interspersed into the percussive overtones of the piece, bringing to mind the many peoples, whom over centuries have made their homes and villages on the cliffs and cliff sides of so many countries, with a sense of optimism that all would be well!

Clipman brings in Enchanted Forrest with a very catchy rhythm which could be, dare I say it, created by hitting the side of a hang with an implement, as the sound produced with whatever he is doing, is extremely fascinating, tantalising to the ear, almost to the point of eclipsing the dancing notes of the flute. A captivating, enchanting little piece.

Timbuktu and You is another very different piece with a faster, almost clapping rhythm counting in the deep notes of the flute, as the journey is to Timbuktu and you are the journeyman. A very nice rhythm stick segment changes the tempo a little, breaking the more sombre tones, adding a lovely light element to the journey.

Perhaps the title Childs Play, means that composing and creating the nine beautiful pieces is nothing but child’s play, but maybe not, as the very light, happy final offering is cheerful, quirky, not as deep and mesmeric as the some of the previous pieces, but filled with sunshine and joy, allowing this time of celebration that an exquisite album of music, has drawn a more than very successful completion.

As a first collaboration for Sherry Finzer and Will Clipman, The Space Between Breaths is a beautiful soundscape that will transport, relax and heal, created by masters of their craft.

Distributor Heartdance Recordings
Released September 2019
Running Time 57:05
Artists Serry Finzer & Will Clipman