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They Were Here

The sound of horses moving slowly in perhaps early morning mists, are the first sounds heard  on this deeply shamanic influenced album of healing music, co-created by the  incredibly talented team of Byron Metcalf and Jennifer Grais.

Both have an embedded and innate talent in music, having performed in many disciplines over the years, coming together in the first instance in 2004 to record with the legendary Steve Roach.

The years have seen both Metcalf and Grais perform to great acclaim within their own disciplines, moving further into the harmonic and shamanic modalities, which reflect in their music styles of today. The underlying emphasis of this album is in tribute to the wild horses of the American plains. You could take that one step further and consider it a tribute to the wild horse of the world, who still exists in many, far flung regions; Supreme, almost indifferent to the encroachment on their plains and lifestyle.

The work is graceful, poignant and reflective with the delicately beautiful vocals of Grais combined with the tribal-trance drumming of Metcalf to create what is an exceptional listening experience: one designed to allow reflection on what once was and what is now.

The combination of rhythmic drumming, dainty vocals, the addition from time to time of the haunting qualities of the didgeridoo and orchestral synth-scapes, gives the hour long collection layers within layers to be enjoyed and discovered.

The first listening will bring that shiver of recognition when the work hits where it was intended, the following listening will allow the soundscape to be wrapped around the spirit in memory of times buried deep within the psyche, and if sufficiently aligned could be considered as a transcendental moment in time.

Created to ‘pay homage’ to these beautiful wild creatures, and their mystical healing abilities, They Were Here has certainly done that with compassion, love and a deep and a meditational understanding of things not fully understood and yet accepted.

Perfection encapsulated within one sublime hour!

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Distributor Byron metcalf
Released February 2018
Artists Byron Metcald & Jennifer Grais