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There is much discussion about sending people into space for perhaps a holiday or a look about the planets: but what may happen if this truly does occur has been transposed into a beautiful piece, Leaving Earth, created by Finzer and Sheridan which commences with the drift of flute, the chatter of people about to embark on the journey of a lifetime; the children excited at the journey to come. As the flute slowly helps you leave earth’s atmosphere drifting gently, ever more peacefully towards your destination, you are encouraged to hear the absolute silence, the peace to be found in places yet still unknown.

This sets the standard for the entire album composed and created by the multi ward winning Sherry Finzer, known for her undoubted talent within the new age and ambient flute genre and Peter Sheridan, a man known worldwide for his talent with low flute, having commissioned more than 100 works from eight different countries, as well as appearing on Hollywood sound tracks, chamber music recordings and landmark albums.

With Traveler this talented pair, have between them, created what could be considered as another landmark album of incredible beauty.

Spiritual Crossing is introduced with a low hum and the single rhythmic beat of a drum, then the dulcet notes of the flute once again come to entice, intrigue and to beckon: come with me, follow the sound, relax, leave your stress behind when you join me on this delicious journey moving on, moving forward, once again to places yet to be discovered.

What goes on after dark when the otherworld comes out to enjoy the hours of darkness has been beautifully captured in Nocturnal Dance, with the rich, melancholy sound of low flute, lifted occasionally by the slightly higher notes from Finzer. A steady pulse is maintained throughout which would be indicative of a piece to be used for deep meditation, as could be the following track Reverence, once again devoted to a low, slow, methodical style which resonates well into the subconscious mind and soul.

A tom-tom beats out a steady call to gather, to come to the hunt. Electronic threads are woven within the sound to add to the rich fabric of the event; low flute joins in with a deep, chunky throb, then the deep peace of timeless space! In Hunt of the Plains we are moved to a time and place that is of any particular choosing; from times ancient to times not yet arrived, when all around may be fresh and new.

The final magnificent track, Joy, clears away the somewhat sombre nature of the previous tracks, awakening the traveler to a new frontier with the joyful, playful, nature of the piccolo, underpinned by the deeper tones of the sub-contra bass flute, balancing out the harmonies.

To a degree this is an experiment in creativity by two talent musicians who are masters of their craft, both taking enjoyment from being able to  simply allow the music to evolve, to go where it will and by doing so, have created masterpiece for meditation and enjoyment.

DistributorHeart Dance Records
ReleasedAugust 2017
Running Time47:45 secs
ArtistsSherry Finzer and Peter Sheridan