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Urban Metta, Vol. 1

Anaamaly, otherwise known as Phil Strickland, has created a delicious soundscape that wraps about you like a warm blanket, bringing with it the relaxation that sitting in front of fire on a cold winter’s day brings; a uniqueness that nothing else can quite achieve.

Each of the eleven pieces on the album segue effortlessly into each other creating a continuous thread of healing vibration set at an level that reaches deep into the consciousness, to allow the restless mind, the troubled soul to settle, to relax and to simply be.

His work comes from a varied background of music styles and genre’s, life lessons and a continuing a love of experimentation within the electronic influenced scene which is becoming ever more popular, especially in the areas of meditation and yoga.

The inspiration for Urbanmetta came about as many things tend to do, while he was working on a guided meditation/affirmation project, where he began to experiment with the many differing facets of ambient music. At the end of the project he realised that this was the pathways he would like to explore and began to create pieces for his wife to utilise in the yoga and meditation classes she the taught.

As a sound technician he allows his senses to guide him while he is composing in the ambient genre, which when you consider his background of hip-hop, which then led to what is termed trip-hop and chill-out, music discovered while he was on placement with the US Army in  Kuwait, is not all that surprising.

Strickland’s overriding desire interwoven within each of the pieces is to reach out, to offer relaxing pathways toward the healing that is there for all to access, with a little help.

Beautiful, sensual and absolutely delightful, Urbanmetta will soon become a firm favourite whenever the need to sink into a deep refreshing sleep, ‘chill-out’, take a minute of personal solitude, or be present in the background of a busy working day to remind you to slow down, and relax.

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