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Voices from Heaven

New Age music per se has just shifted into another dimension with this wonderful, healing soundscape created through the talents and inspiration of Halonen and Syvesen; Syvesen with his undoubted talent for new age music and Halonen’s dusky, almost husky tones adding another level to this delicate recording.

Both men have worked in the field of healing for many years, each with their own specialities and by combining their talents for music have created a sense of peace and healing thought their music.

Sit with the eyes closed and allow yourself to drift into the world of the cloisters: if you will allow you can see the spirits drifting throughout the pillars, bring with them peace and relaxation from stress and cares.

Look again and allow them to come to you thought this medium of sound healing.

Sound healing uses a wide range of frequencies to reach the level required to heal whatever is the issue: it is a very powerful tool and when delivered in this medium, straight from the heavens, is even more powerful.

If you do not have the time to sit and listen, put the music on in the background and notice the almost instant relaxation that occurs: the lowering of the stress levels and the great sense of peace and relaxation that comes to you as you work; perhaps not one to listen to while driving the vehicle.

Both Syvesten and Halonen believe the music in this recoding has come straight from the heavens as, in Syvesen’s words, ‘these tracks were created without previous planning. We put ourselves into a state of mind so the music could come to us freely’.

Through this medium they have given, and created, a gift to all in a time when healing, stress and relaxation are needed by many.

PublisherTron Syversen