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Weightless (Ambient transmissions Vol. 2)

Endlessly timeless, drifting slowly and gently through space.  Weightless in extreme; Delicate feelings of utter peace within as you drift through the void that is time, place and rebirth.

Absolute: completely at peace with choice you sink ever deeper into your inner being.

Classed as music; No, definitely not. Reclassification as a soundscape into which you can sink, cloud soft , spending time in mindlessness is something  rare to accomplish in this hustle bustle world where, to be endlessly busy is a sign of success, of who you are as a person

You can complicate this album as much as you like with a raft of reasons why this and that was created, and though fascinating tends to detract from the whole. As this band, Marconi Union, create in the darkness it therefore follows that out of darkness comes light.

In their creative process they strive for nothing less than perfection in communication. By dedicating to perfection they have melded their own unique blend of sound which they say is not from the interaction of their instruments, electronic software and hardware, but from the unique interaction between each of the band members as the music evolves and takes its own pathway.

Insular they may be as they do not seek the limelight, but if that is what it takes to create this amazing soundscape, then so be it.

Minimalistic, creative, inspired, touched by the divine, this is ‘music’ that touches the soul.

PublisherMarconi Union