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White Sun

White Sun has introduced something rather special into the modern world of music: that of 600 year old mantras being given a modern twist with the addition of a range of wonderful voices and instrumentation.

This has come about by the combination of Harijiwan on gong, Gurujas on vocals, who is also a songwriter and harmonium player along with Adam Berry, an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and songwriter , who are joined by Abhiman Kaushal on tabla and Arjuna O”Neal on traditional Indian drum.

With this amazing line-up how could they possibly do less than excel, which is possibly an understatement. By weaving the traditional with the modern they have given what is a traditionally chanted meditation in the mantras, rebirth into a world that craves such beauty and harmony.

As you listen, it is occasionally hard to relate to the fact that the words come down over centuries carrying with them the same intent as when they were first created, that of taking the worshiper into a special place; a place of peace, of renewing a vibration, appeasing the gods, warding off evil, the curing of disease or simply invoking the spirits of ancestors. They chants are also used widely in yoga to help raise or change the vibration.

In a world where people are seeking more and more peace and harmony in their lives this is an offering from the group known as White Sun which will encourage you to sink into that space of consciousness often so hard to attain.

Simply by listening peacefully, or having the music drifting slowly in the background the effect is felt; that of shifting down a notch, relaxing a little, finding that special place within.




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