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 Surya – Chants of Light 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       August 6, 2014


In this debut album by husband and wife team Nadaka and Gopika they have combined a formidable talent to create an album, while dedicated to the Sun, achieves exactly what it was created to do; bring the unique Vedic mantras into the mainstream of music, making their beauty and vibration available to all.

Each track is unique to the mantra it is based on, but in their way, Nadaka and Gopika have added a contemporary touch to connect the ancient sounds to the present day.

Each of the eight songs  in ‘Surya Chants of Life’ range from 4,000 year old Vedic mantras to the more recent and contemporary Indian Hymns which make up a part of everyday life in India.

With their delicate blend of vocals and instruments they aim to create music that uplifts, entertains, relaxes and inspires and in Surya, they have achieved this desire. One of the more unique aspects to this collection is the mantra’s are sung in traditional form, with original Sanskrit intonation and pronunciation used rather than changing the vibrations of the pieces from their original intent.

As said, each track is unique therefor reaches out to the listener in their very personal space, touching each one with gentleness.

Whatever you decide to use the music for, relaxation or inspiration, or simply to have wafting through in the background to help focus and connect, you will find you are conscious of a deep relaxation and sense of peace, almost without knowing this is taking place.

As a compilation in homage to the sun and light, blessings that we so readily take for granted, Nadaka and Gopika have certainly been inspired with their blend of traditional and modern chants and rhythms.