Distributor:        Booktopia/Amazon                 
Release Date:    October 2023  
Running Time:   43 mins
Website:    https://doughammer.com/ 

 Swim to America, Vol. 2 (une rétrospective Stephan Eicher au piano) 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       December 13, 2023


Swiss Rocker and Pop Chanteur, Stephan Eicher captured the heart and imagination of pianist Doug Hammer some years ago. He eventually discussed with Eicher the possibly of a collaboration; Eicher’s music converted to piano with the end result being several volumes of music titled Swim To America.

Volume two continues the journey over the water to America, as the music travels, floats, splashes and occasionally basks in the warmth of a still and peaceful moment in time. As Eicher is a well-known Rocker throughout Europe, Hammers very robust style on the piano makes this an excellent combination of compositions to transpose.

From the soft, gentle, melodic pieces to the tough, dynamic shifts this is a work that showcases the diversity of sound that can be achieved on a piano. The emotion captured with a strength of purpose is intriguing and as each song unfolds the desire to listen closer, to hear every note played increases.

Vibrant, fun, pure enjoyment in creating the music is apparent in each song. Take a look at some of Eicher’s clips on YouTube if you are not familiar with his music and then the clever transposition from a rock band full of contrast and energy to solo piano is better appreciated.

With the precise notes of the piano there is nothing additional to disperse the melody which allows, encourages and almost demands that you become immersed in the emotion of the moment.

As with each of his albums since 2007, Doug Hammer never fails to impress and thirteen tracks of Swim to America, Vol. 2 (une rétrospective Stephan Eicher au piano) does that over and over again. Volume three is to continue the journey with perhaps a home coming in the land of America. We will wait with pleasant anticipation for this release in the near future.