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Release Date:    March 2020  
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Website:    https://monicalogani.com/ 

 The Long Road 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       April 6, 2020


Life seldom delivers what is expected in so many ways. Sadness, loss and heartbreak pave the way on life’s road: with the sad loss of friend Juliette Calayag Pralle, Monica Logani has created her second album The Long Road, as a way of acceptance, of making sense of life’s most confronting emotion, that of death, and also as a  tribute to a dear friend, whose life was short but filled to the very brim with living.

From the first track, Birds, the sombre tone of the music is established, allowing the listener to understand that this collection is a far remove from her previous up-tempo work Secret Garden, released to acclaim in 2016.

As each of the songs unfold, a differing aspect of the grieving process is revealed, with the third track Juliette, written as a delicate and beautiful reminder of a dear, beloved friend. The intertwining of strings adds a depth of emotion to a short, emotional piece.

Poette is in tribute to life lessons, a sombre reflective, almost waltz-like melody, with a slightly more dramatic, overarching feeling of acceptance and moving on through the weeks and months ahead.

Poignant, hesitant and beautiful is The Long Road, which encapsulates the hesitancy of real acceptance, the time when disbelief must make room for reality, a place and time required to be felt, in order to let go and begin to heal.

Valencia ushers in a breath of freshness, of lightness, of the dark spirit lifting to allow the joy of everyday life to be felt, enjoyed once again, softly, gently; this song contains a lovely lilting tempo: a glorious piece.

Short and yet captivating Summer’s End precedes The Last Embrace which is as expected, a measured composition full of sadness, acceptance, drawing a very personal sharing of grief to a sombre conclusion.

Although the album is the embodiment of sorrow, within the emotion is beauty, acceptance, healing and love, which in a sombre style allows the wonder, healing and magic of music to sooth the soul in time of great need.