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This Is Where I Found You

Somehow, obviously with a massive amount to talent, Carl Weingarten on his latest album This Is Where I Found You, has managed to successfully combine new age vibe, with the more traditional jazz and blues beats, to create a rare and highly enjoyable journey into something which loosely fits into what could be considered as ambient jazz with a very definite acoustic overtone!

Using his slide guitar to great effect, he has pinned a collaborative sound together with the very clever use of wordless vocals in the introductory song Sing Like Water, before creating a marvellously alfresco piece in Deittaloo.

The judicious use of wordless vocals simply adds another dimension to a spacey little piece in Kites and Waves which really needs no further explanation, whereas finger picking guitar with a mournful drawn out sound threading throughout The River King adds an element of the unknown to the piece.

Light and almost frivolous, Maidens Dance is a piece which encompasses joy, happiness and the delicate nature of the dance into one a carefree, delightful little song enhanced with the addition of Suellen Primost on ‘Cello. Following on Sandwave stays in this slightly more relaxed vibe with the focus on slide and bass guitar, creating once again a piece to be appreciated for the mix of tones and layers.

A funky, catchy little tune completes the work in Bunk Beds; strong, definite and beautifully blended, the many diverse aspects of guitar and keyboards are linked with wordless vocals, amongst the intriguing mix, to develop a piece which would in some aspects be the strongest piece of the collection, and perhaps the signature for Carl Weingarten in this new album.

The line-up of supporting musicians in Michael Manring – bass, Celso Alberti – percussion, Kit Walker – keyboards, Tate Bissinger – wordless vocals and Pat Duffey on guitar form a talented group of musicians, each masters of their own craft, coming together to create an awesome body of work that redefines genres, proving that so many aspects can be melded into one to create a new, fresh and invigorating sound. Cameo appearances are by Peter Callandra, Jeff Oster, Steven H. Berk and Reece Bissinger on several of the tracks.

Intriguing and a most enjoyable journey into what could be, what can be, considered as New Age Ambient Jazz.

Distributor CD Baby
Released May 2018
Running Time 46:49secs
Artists Carl Weingarten