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 What is Magic 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Right from the beginning you are told this album is designed to go with Mor’s Creative Trance workshops.  It is an album created to enhance creative trancing and lucid dreaming. It is also an album that is simply lovely, magic if you wish, to listen to and enjoy any time.

Each track is designed to lead you along the pathway of magic and take you wherever you please to go. Your interpretation of the music is yours and yours alone, as it is with all music. Beginning with “Nomad”, which is almost a dirge, you can hear and see the people or souls, if you like, gathering in some dark and cavernous place.  “Calling Them In” leads, as the track title suggests, to a central place or space and the music makes this abundantly clear.

As you move towards the “Fire Circle” the energy of this piece is evocative of a cleansing ritual or similar. “Letting Go” as both music and title suggests, about releasing the burden and being absorbed into the music or the timelessness of the “moor”.

The final track “The Dreaming Place” is one of rejoicing, freshness and has the lighter overtones of thankfulness, release and celebration.

An interesting album; one to be frequently enjoyed and utilized.