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Release Date:    December 2019  
Running Time:   
Website:    https://deniseyoung.com 

 Winds Of Change 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       July 5, 2020


Winds of Change comes into the ‘Play it again, Sam’ category as the music has a certain something which wraps around the emotions, offering solace, peace and relaxation while traveling across many subtle and elegant planes created in a diverse palate of original music.

When Denise Young released Winds of Change the world was a very different place, all be that only seven months ago, but as this very different year is unfolding the title has become synonymous with massive change; the beautiful music contained within the album is, as it turns out, the perfect panacea to step out of the madness and into a space full of peace and relaxation, if only for a short period of time.

A range of elegant pieces commences with the charming Under the Olive Tree, a languorous piece reminiscent of somnolent afternoons spent enjoying the world as can only be discovered under the sheltering shade of an Olive Tree.

As each of the pieces unfolds, a rich tapestry is discovered created from a mixture of styles, vocals and the occasional melding of orchestral elements throughout, which showcases an artist absolutely involved with her music.

Minimalist pieces as Ballerina, capture longing, passion and devotion in a simple perfection, to Reflections, a slow, carefully moderated piece perhaps used to look forward, by looking back; beautiful, delicate and once again full of grace and charm.

The signature piece Winds of Change is an eloquent piece, aptly offering in a year which has to date turned out to be full of changes. Interestingly Teardrop Symphony follows on and should you be looking for a rather mystical synergy, in the broadest sense, of music and titles this sedate and slightly melancholic piece is perfect.

Dandelions is a light-hearted and captivating, perhaps created in homage to these humble, little ‘weeds’ that grow alongside the roadways as well as on the paddocks and fields, waving their yellow and black flowers cheerfully in the breeze, brightening the landscape for just a little space in time. A humble little plant offering much pleasure and cheerful joy.

Winds of Change is a most enjoyable album which simply requires listening to over and over again, discovering something fresh each time. ‘Play it again. Sam’’, definitely!