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A Bridge Between

With a light touch the notes of firm favourites, mixed with original compositions, arrive to gladden the heart, laced with a distinct overtone on fun, and joy in the creation of this album by lauded husband and wife duo Liza Carbe and JP Durand

Both Liza and JP along with Jim Stubberfield are the creators of the award winning ‘world guitar’ group Incendio, but have, in their own right, careers in music as composers for television shows, feature films and movies.

Both come from slightly different musical genre backgrounds with Liza hailing from a more classical guitar background with rock and roll played at night as a member of the Vixens and as backing for the likes of former Santana singer Leon Patillo. JP is more of a rock and blues man, mellowed by the rhythms of his native country Peru.

Put such talent together and you have a refreshing sound of guitars playing well loved tunes encouraging you to much enjoyed pieces such as the age old Scarborough Fair, rediscovered by Simon and Garfunkel and now given a delightful two guitar touch by this talented duo.

Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones comes in for a revamp that gives this well know piece of rock an entire new direction. Some fun is discovered in the treatment of the well-known piece Classical Gas, an acoustics guitar piece that became world famous when it was released by Mason Williams in 1968.

The Beetles Blackbird played by two guitars is absolutely beautiful and once again refreshing to listen to as a two guitar piece.  Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Town really gets the treatment as does Cindy Lauper’s Time after Time with the broody, melancholic Fragile from Sting allowing Durand to solo in style.

Mixed in are three of their own compositions in A Bridge Between which sets the tone of the entire album, A Thought For You written as a tribute to guitarist Larry Weber and the third piece, Mountain Song, the first piece Carbe and Durand wrote together more than 20 years ago.

For the older generation it brings back the times when these pieces first hit the air waves with a new sound, a new vison, a new direction, a new vibe. Each piece has stood the test of time and is still as well loved and remembered as it was many years ago.

With true class, Carbe and Durand have produced a beautifully refreshing album of favourite pieces which will delight each time it is listened to and enjoyed.


Released 2016
Running Time 47.08mins
Artists Liza carbe and JP Durand