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Ambient Grooves From The Western Ocean

Listening to the sounds of acoustic violin will never be the same after indulging in this amazing collection of tracks from Rupert Guenther. He has taken the theme of the light breezes off the coast of Western Australia, shaping and flavouring them with the essences of the Asiatic continent, bordering on Australia, to give the smell, sound and taste of the Middle East and further afield.

Spellbinding to listen to, the acoustic violin has been melded with drum loops and electric guitar for the bass to reshape the meaning of ambient groove, thereby creating a fresh new sound to recharge the soul.

Fascinating, enjoyable, catchy and should definitely be listed too on a summers day, or anytime come to that, sitting on the veranda with a glass of something cool and indulging in the essence that is an “ambient groove”.

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