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Bluesilhouette – Looking For Utopia

A musician who composes from his balcony surrounded by and overlooking forest, ginger ale either at the ready or in hand, a self-proclaimed ‘stuffy academic’, David Peoples creates music that is rich, intriguing, segues fluently from jazz, to contemporary instrumental, World fusion and New Age; therefore, it is not at all surprising that Looking For Utopia is a real box of treasures from beginning to end.

Commencing with the almost formal The Valley Of Hidden Treasures the work introduces the collection with the blending of ‘cello, flute, piano and percussion to put the listener on notice that what is to come is going to be delightful and intriguing, and it is!

Peach Blossom Spring follows with a very definite jazz flavour, perfect as a contrast with a lovely electronic twist at the end of the song.

The signature piece Looking for Utopia is a change of direction once again with a measured introduction, sombre in reflection, almost a searching, haunting melody, spacy and ethereal in parts, strong and definite in others, with a gentle influence identified with clear, precise notes of piano to change the tempo.

Clear sharp notes of the piano, interspersed with the deep notes of the ‘cello, delicately played, bring Glass Flower City to life before the ‘cello takes over becoming the main instrument, which is then joined with a wonderful percussion backing, all of which continue to weave their magic throughout the song. A gloriously different piece in a collection of surprising melodies. Perhaps this is Utopia found!

Peoples describes his music as ‘unique, telling a story written in narrative poetry, using free verse with musicians’ notes telling the story’, which is exactly what occurs as each of the songs unfolds. Inside the album cover is the poetry in word format that offers the journey when seeking Utopia, and the treasures found on the way, perhaps the most important aspect of all.

Completing this musical poetry is Take Me To Elysian Fields, a lovely, up-tempo piece introduced with a catchy drum beat, making way for some very strong piano, electronic backing creating a spacy, otherworldly atmosphere which builds to a crescendo before relaxing into the final few bass notes.

As a change of direction from his traditional and experimental music, Bluesilhouettes aka David Peoples with Looking For Utopia has created a wonderful, composite of musical poetry evolving into  a lovely easy listening album, which will be enjoyed time and time again by a wide audience.

Distributor RS Promotions
Released January 2019
Running Time 63:00secs
Artists David R Peoples