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Bring the Flavors

With Jack Gates music you never know quite where you are going to end up but on the first track and the title to the album Bring The Flavors you immediately realise that he has once again managed to create a wonderful morphing of jazz, Latin, new age, world fusion and all the other beats and vibes that go into making an inspired, joyful and very definitely up-beat collection to delight.

Track 2, Time In presents an energizing taste of harmonica with a very Brazilian overtone that relates immediately to fun, enjoyment and other intriguing places whereas the following track Wave Theory is a mix of sixties beats, with overtones of beach boys, surf’s up reggae styles combined, to once again return you to the magic, the lifestyle, the love of the ocean, to a time when surf and surfing was the ultimate.

Waterfalls slows the pace with a mellow, and yet slightly up-tempo beat combining ‘cello and guitar in what could almost be termed as ‘improv’, as the two style, classical and modern weave together in beautiful harmony.

Gates has cleverly experimented with using both nylon string and electric guitar overdubbed on several tracks adding layers within the piece which are immediately discernible and therefore enjoyable as it teases the ear, requesting that closer attention is paid to the music.

As the tracks unfold, presenting what they will, but always sunlight, enjoyment and a great sense of peace, which is surprising considering the tempo of the styles used; it is as if the music is reaching out, touching a chord to say in this world, yes, it is alright to relax, to enjoy and to have fun!

Choco Latte is a delicious combination once again of two acoustic guitars to create the richness of Afro-Cuban jazz styles and perhaps is reminiscent of a warm evening sitting at a street café watching the world go, by listing to the back-beat from a group of musos’ immersed in their creation.

The beautiful, raga inspired Liquid Entropy rounds out the collection with the use of two electric guitars to create well known melodic, shape, form and rhythm so synonymous of Indian classical music; a fitting finale.

Gates states, ’Music can be like cooking where you add a variety of spices to come up with something new.’ With Bring The Flavors he most certainly has created a dish which will be enjoyed over and over again.

Distributor CD Baby
Released 2017
Artists Jack Gates