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If you know absolutely nothing about the background of this music, and let’s face it, we listen to music without any idea of what the composer has gone through to create beauty in sound; you will be treated to music that is powerful, wonderful, totally enjoyable, often unexpected and inspirational.

The majestic creativity that has come together to form Crossroads is superb. As it moves from the purely orchestral into the power of vocals woven throughout a piece titled Your Silence is a Razor, it  shifts what has been, prior to this track, classically created pieces, into the modern genre of emotionally roused rock, breaking up what has to this stage been an almost sombre reflection on life.

An interesting contrast is Sepia, a melancholic piece combining piano, cello and violin underpinned with a vocal harmony that drifts along, ending on a soft and gentle note. Betrayed is once again a short, sharp contrast with a faster paced, sharper construction overlaying a busy strings section, creating the confusion felt when one is betrayed. The disbelief, the hurt, the frantic emotional turmoil created.

Once again a change of pace with the beautiful vocals of Lila Ives in Fading White adds depth to the emotional poetry of Paul Enfroy as he faces the issue of abandonment. The opening words, ‘Look into my eyes, Can you tell my soul has been taken apart?’, reaches deep into the soul of each and every one who has ever struggled to make sense of the life they are living, the life they are given to lead, the life they need to face and accept.

There is nothing of the ordinary throughout the entire album as the tempo, the emotion the vibrancy is based on life and the emotional roller coaster that comes to us all a time and stage of our life.

Billed as a ‘cinematic’ pianist, Marc Enfroy has delivered the goods with this wonderful soundscape built on emotion of the rawest kind, after having to face and accept the death of a beloved Sister. He was faced with unanswerable questions which inspired him to create beauty out of tragedy, which helped to heal his soul and spirit and by doing so, offering a wonderfully creative body of work for all to enjoy and experience.

Happy, sad, cheerful, confrontational, sombre and reflective moods have been captured and bound into an album which, in the words of Marc Enfroy, has ‘been to create music that even in a small way helps somebody through complicated stages in life.’

Rich, wonderful and wide sweeping, this is an album to be enjoyed despite the more sombre    overtones.


Website http:/
Distributor CDbaby
Released July 2016
Running Time 69.39secs
Artists Marc Enfroy