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Invited by Lawrence Blatt, incredible player of acoustic and electric guitars and ukulele, to take part in somewhat of an experimental recording, Fiona Joy, acclaimed pianist and vocalist, along with Jeff Oster, trumpeter and flugelhorn specialist, with the late addition of Will Ackerman, producer, guitarist and percussionist, arrived at the Imaginary Road Studio’s, each with several pieces of music to be worked with: the end result of this wild card is FLOW, an album which will enchant, enervate and completely change the concept of contemporary new age music.

As the work evolved Ackerman confesses to a period of panic, where he felt his pieces were being altered, changed, into something very different, but as can be heard in the music, the pieces are a wonderful synergy, an alchemic blend of not just sound but of four talent musicians absorbed in the music, the moment, complete, whole and creating something truly beautiful.

This is music which will reach out across barriers, boarders, age and genre bringing with it peace and perfection, as it blends a little of something and everything in a wonderful synergy.

Deep in the remote regions of South Australia the album was on the car sound system, when we stopped at a gorge at the entrance to the Arkaroola Ranges; the sound wafted out into the stark, timeless surroundings trekked across by indigenous people for thousands of years.

As the music drifted out over the landscape it appeared to be more than a mere co-incidence in time and place; washing over the terrain something very special occurred, as if a type peace came to the gorge, an area in torment from lack of rain, desolation all around. Magic in its purest form was involved.

Will Ackerman is noted for his formation of Windham Hill Records some 40 years ago in a move that was destined to redefine global music. Working with Producer and long-time friend Tom Eaton he is once again raising the bar very high with his music and interpretation under the Imaginary Roads Studios label.

Graceful and seemingly effortless each of the pieces segues smoothly through the 11 tracks, each of the musicians blending into one pleasing harmony. Each of the tracks has a title which will indicate the style or mood of the song but after the first few notes are struck on Arrival, the music absorbs completely, until the last note has been presented. Read the titles later on; simply enjoy the music as one continuous, very special treat.

FLOW an acronym of Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt, Jeff Oster and Will Ackerman – remember this as they are a group to be followed. If you are fortunate enough to be able to hear them live, do so, otherwise, enjoy the music, the moment and the peace each time you listen to music referred to by Oster as music for EVERY AGE.

Distributor Flow Group
Released October 2017
Running Time 49:13 secs
Artists Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt, Jeff Oster, Will Ackerman.