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Paradise Painting

Gronau has done it again and in great style: he entices you in with a tantalising, gentle melody that floats through the air; teasing, yet mellow and gentle, belying what is to come with the rest of the album. Noted for his wild extravagances within the music framework, one thing is for sure, when you collect his latest CD, you will not be disappointed in the range, flair, scope and intriguing styles compiled once again.

As with all of his music over the past five years, there is always a personal experience to establish basis of the theme. With this album, it is based in a dream he experienced where he went to Paradise. The opening track Paradise Painting reflects this beginning, and once there played a piano never before seen or heard, which is also reflected in Prophecy; and so the journey begins into a world that has to be heard to be experienced.

Sounds Like a Smell is based on a mental exercise of What if: what if a certain sound or type of music reminded you of a smell. Intriguing and searching, reflective and yet reaching, the piece encourages you reflect on the same What if: and may very well have a surprising result within your psyche. What if you simply can’t help using your senses to discover just what smell this piece brings, or any of the other pieces, to mind which makes you immediately, totally engaged with the music.

So within the first three tracks you have moved from Paradise to the local ocean or fishmongers, but very soon you are back into today’s world with the wonderfully deep tones of the saxophone in Passion Play that adds a moody, romantic and subtle variation which is absolutely delicious.

Carpe Diem or ‘seize the day’ is just that, an up tempo, grab it while you can beat and pulsating rhythm that shakes you out of the romantic interlude previously enjoyed. Listen carefully, as there are many levels to what may easily be construed as just a catchy little piece.

The final six tracks are created around the passing of a day, beginning with New Day, heralding in the morning sunrise and continues in various metres until the finale with End of a Concert which can be viewed from various perspectives; as the end of a wonderful concert of which you enjoyed or a reflective moment at the end of another full and busy day, which makes for a fitting finale to a wonderful piece of musical magic, created once again by a master of his craft.

Website http:/
Distributor CDbaby
Released 2016
Running Time 50.43sec
Artists Uwe Gronau